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No More Foul Odors. We Even Clean The Stuff You Don’t See!

Caked on food, foul odors, and dirty shelves are all typical signs of a refrigerator in need of some serious cleaning. It’s especially concerning when you consider that our refrigerators are places where we need to keep our perishable foods safe. When they are unclean, bacteria and other food-borne pathogens can start to cross-contaminate the foods your family eats.

Though knowing how to properly clean and disinfect a dirty refrigerator isn’t always the sort of thing the average person knows how to do. Compounding this is the fact that a lot of the consumer cleaning products sold at the retail level either aren’t potent enough to properly sanitize the interior of a refrigerator, or use chemicals that aren’t 100% safe to use around food.

All these worries vanish when you have Miracle Workers Cleaning Corp expert technicians perform a refrigerator deep clean.

We Clean All Brands Of Kitchen Appliances

Professionally Cleaned To Eradicate Invisible Bacteria & Grime

Professional Refrigerator Cleaning Checklist

At Miracle Workers Cleaning Corp we use a comprehensive approach to cleaning and disinfecting refrigerators.

This includes:

  • Removing and cleaning shelves & racks
  • Defrosting the freezer
  • Disposing of all outdated food
  • Cleaning crisper drawers and bins
  • Wiping down & disinfecting plastic components
  • Wiping down & disinfecting interior walls
  • Wiping down the handle and exterior surfaces
  • Pulling out the refrigerator and cleaning behind and beneath it
  • Inspecting the compressor and cleaning if needed

“Your Fridge Will Sparkle & Smell New Again!”

Refrigerator Cleaning FAQ’s

Benefits of Having Your Refrigerator Professionally Cleaned

There are several benefits to having your refrigerator professionally cleaned that go beyond just making sure your perishable foods are being stored in a clean, safe environment.

A professionally cleaned refrigerator is:

  • More energy efficient
  • Has a longer lifespan
  • Less likely to cause cross-contamination
  • Easier to find the foods you want
  • Smells better
  • Prevents future mold and bacterial growth
  • Has less wasted food

How Often Should I Have My Refrigerator Professionally Cleaned?

Most people can handle the daily or weekly process of keeping their refrigerator modestly clean. Having Miracle Workers Cleaning Corp professionally deep clean your refrigerator twice a year, as part of a spring or fall cleaning process ensures that every surface is immaculately clean throughout the year.

Green Cleaning Products

Miracle Workers Cleaning Corp is proud to use green cleaning products that are specially formulated to be ecologically healthy. They leave behind a fresh scent instead of a harsh chemical odor. In a refrigerator deep cleaning, we only use green cleaning products that are safe for food surfaces.

Let’s Clean Your Home “CLEAN!”

We go BEYOND the traditional cleaning process…

All of our cleaners are trained to clean “CLEAN”. What this means is you can’t see germs and bacteria on kitchen services but our techs will clean all services and counters no matter how clean they appear to make sure they are fully disinfected and truly clean! Our promise to you – INVISIBLE BACTERIA will be eradicated!

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