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Apartments and multi-family residential properties require the utmost level of cleaning and discretion. When you partner with a professional cleaning company like Miracle Workers Cleaning Corp you can trust that all the common areas of your apartment complex will be meticulously cleaned and disinfected.

When a tenant moves out we can clean every square inch of the unit to get it ready for the new tenant. If a current tenant needs help with a special cleanup service, or you have a tenant who has special cleaning needs we offer a wide range of services that can be customized to suit the situation.

We Do The Dirty Work For You!

Emergency Cleanup Services

It’s an unfortunate reality that multi-family apartment complexes are prone to things like roof leaks, water damage from plumbing failures, and even sewer backups. In times like this, you need a professional company you can trust like the emergency cleanup experts at Miracle Workers Cleaning Corp.

We have years of experience and access to professional-grade equipment to handle almost any emergency cleanup need.

Move Out Cleaning Services

No matter how hard they try and how good their intentions are, most tenants leave behind a unit that needs to be professionally cleaned. Fortunately, Miracle Workers Cleaning Corp has the training, experience, and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to handle any move-out cleaning needs.

Whether it’s an evicted tenant who left behind a major mess, or just a unit that needs routine deep carpet cleaning and appliance sanitizing, you can trust our expert cleaning technicians to get the job done right. We will have the unit fresh and ready for your new tenant, without any traces of the old tenant left behind.

Seasonal Cleaning Services

The change of seasons can certainly bring a lot of mess to an apartment complex’s common areas, as well as individual units. Miracle Workers Cleaning Corp brings decades of experience to bear as well as commercial-grade cleaning products and equipment to handle all your seasonal cleaning needs.

We can freshen up communal areas throughout your multi-family complex, as well as work with individual tenants who might need help getting their apartments ready for the season ahead. While on-site we will practice the utmost discretion and professionalism.

Some multi-family properties will offer unit cleaning services to tenants who want to subscribe to the service. This lets your tenants enjoy the professional level of cleaning that they can only get from a company like Miracle Workers Cleaning Corp, at a price that everyone can afford. It is often a preferred option for older or disabled tenants who appreciate a cleaning service as part of their rental contract.

Flexible Scheduling: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Seasonal Cleaning

At Miracle Workers Cleaning Corp we are happy to offer flexible scheduling for our apartment cleaning services. We can work with your management staff to determine the best time to clean your communal areas with minimal disturbance to your tenants.

For specialty cleaning services, unit cleaning, and move-out cleaning services, we can coordinate with you and your tenants. This will let painters, plumbers, and other contractors do what they need to do, at the time that works best, and we can finish with a professional clean.

Commons Area Cleanup

The halls and other commons areas in an apartment complex need to be cleaned and disinfected on a routine basis.

  • Sweeping & mopping hard floors
  • Vacuuming carpeted areas
  • Tidying up hallways
  • Emptying trash cans
  • Deodorizing
  • Refilling hand sanitizer stations
  • Wiping down high-touch surfaces

Cleaning & Restocking Public Bathrooms

Larger apartment complexes will have public bathrooms or changing rooms near the communal pool area. Since they see a lot of foot traffic, they need to be kept meticulously clean and properly sanitized.

  • Cleaning toilets
  • Wiping down sinks
  • General disinfecting
  • Refilling soap & hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Refilling paper towel dispensers
  • Wiping down & sanitizing high-touch surfaces
  • Emptying trash receptacles

Green Cleaning Products

Ecologically friendly cleaning products are the “New Normal” in the world of professional cleaning. They have minimal impact on the environment, while also leaving behind a fresh odor, rather than the toxic fumes of heavy chemical cleaning products. At Miracle Workers Cleaning Corp we are proud to offer Green Cleaning products for all our apartment cleaning services.

Let’s Clean Your Home “CLEAN!”

We go BEYOND the traditional cleaning process…

All of our cleaners are trained to clean “CLEAN”. What this means is you can’t see germs and bacteria on kitchen services but our techs will clean all services and counters no matter how clean they appear to make sure they are fully disinfected and truly clean! Our promise to you – INVISIBLE BACTERIA will be eradicated!

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